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We are an independent mediation service, where you can expect:

  • Knowledgeable and focused mediator with an extensive background in Mediation, Law, Psychology of Conflict
  • Friendly and efficient management of your dispute
  • Flexible solutions to suit your particular time constraints and needs
  • Confidentiality
  • Impartiality
  • Fees that are transparent
  • A fixed quote fee inclusive of preparation and local travel
  • Any potential overtime charges clearly quoted in advance of the mediation;


I am ever so grateful to Janeen for her professional and friendly approach for our recent mediation that, thanks to her, was run smoothly and amicably and was above my expectation. This was the first time I needed mediation which I have always been sceptical about. However, my recent experience with Janeen proved me wrong and I highly recommend her for mediation. Janeen showed a very constructive, realistic and thorough approach, I felt at ease and understood every step on the way to achieve a mutual agreement on a divorce settlement. G.A., Leeds, 2017

Janeen is caring and sensitive to those facing conflict resolution whatever their personal or professional background. She has the ability to engender in them the confidence and insight necessary to proceed with the knowledge that Janeen's extensive scholarship and experience, with which she is very generous, readily to hand.

With a background in Law and Teaching; she has an extensive and deep interest in Mediation. Janeen is able to identify situations, which may have many varied and complex scenarios, implement the correct strategies to bring disparate individuals or groups together with the skills to achieve the secured outcomes. I cannot speak highly enough of the assistance, knowledge and skill Janeen generously affords her clients.

E.D.S., Cheshire, 2017

Fees and Expenses

Time-limited mediations start at £600 per party, plus VAT. However, fees can be reduced fees for smaller claims.

Please contact us for quotes for full day, multiparty mediations, as well as mediations requiring interpreters.

Fees and expenses are payable in advance and in equal proportions by each party in advance of the mediation.

Our fees are invoiced at the time the mediation is booked and they are payable before the mediation takes place.

In the UK, VAT will be applied at 20%.

Available for mediations throughout the US, UK, and Europe.

What do the fees include?

  • An eight-hour mediation day (or agreed limited-time day)
  • Preparation and travel time included for local mediations. For mediations further afield, the fee may vary.
  • Pre- and post-mediation liaison
  • Any potential overtime charge, in the event of a mediation running over the agreed day's length, quoted in advance and shared equally between the parties.

About Mediation Forward

Janeen Achtar

A highly motivated mediator with over 15 years of experience of teaching law with the last 5 years teaching Commercial Mediation. Experienced in informal community mediations.

«My approach to mediation is mainly facilitative. I believe in encouraging the parties to explore their interests and not become entrenched in positions. However I can also lead an evaluative mediation.»

My natural abilities, as well as psychological background, are well suited to resolving disputes successfully.

Mediation Style and Approach

I am relaxed and easily approachable with excellent knowledge of mediation theories and techniques. I am highly adaptable and not easily flustered when dealing with emotionally charged situations. As an academic, I am used to taking charge of the room, while at the same ensuring the self -determination and confidence of the participants, and winning their trust.

My academic background and training in Psychology, allows me to quickly identify and manage barriers and emotions which can present themselves in varying degrees in all mediations. Intuitively I am able to offer new perspectives and avenues to the participants which focus on the wider interest of the parties and not just the present dispute. I am keen to continue to work with parties to until a resolution is reached.

Professional Qualifications and Affiliations

  • RSPP Accredited Mediator
  • Registered Mediator Civil Mediation Council
  • Member of the Professional Mediators Association
  • MCIArb (Arbitration Pathway)
  • Doctoral Research Mediation and Justice
  • PGDip in International Dispute Resolution Dundee University
  • Certificate in Mediation Theory Dundee University
  • LLM International Law and International Relations Lancaster University

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